Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Snapchat Film Boom

10th July 2017

Regarding as a top London surgeon, Dr George Samouris gives his expert commentary on the ‘Celebrity cosmetic surgery snapchat filter boom’ in Cosmopolitan Magazine to address the issue.  http://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/beauty-hair/a9617028/celebrity-cosmetic-surgery-snapchat-filter-boom/

Social media has such a huge impact on today’s society. Celebrities are being more transparent in sharing surgery they’ve had personally, making it less taboo. But also our selfie culture has led to people becoming more conscious of their image.” Says Expert Plastic Surgeon, Dr. George Samouris

The influence of social media tends to be most concentrated in the 20s-30s age bracket

Fuller lips continue to be the main trend driven by social media and celebrity culture” says Plastic Surgeon, Dr. George Samouris. “The sculpted face, with prominent cheekbones is also popular; this has followed on from the contouring phenomenon. Some of the popular Snapchat filters also tend to raise the eyebrows slightly, giving a wide-eyed look, and this has been a sought after image that can be achieved with botox in some cases, or via a brow lift if required.”