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Dr Samouris has been practicing in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for over a decade; during that time he has worked for the NHS, The Hospital Group, Greek Air Force and established his own practice in Athens, Elite Plastic Surgery. Since moving to the UK, Dr. Samouris practised from some of the UK’s premier private hospitals, before founding his own clinic, Samouris Plastic Surgery, based on London’s prestigious Harley Street. Earning a reputation for discreet scarring and incredible, seamless results, Dr. Samouris’ surgery offers a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments drawing on the latest innovations and techniques available globally.


Over 10 years Experience

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Dr. George Samouris is a leading plastic surgeon in the UK and Greece, working out of The Hospital Group in London’s W1 and his own clinic on Harley Street. Since 2016, he has also run his own private practice, Elite Plastic Surgery in Athens.

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    •  Dec 20, 2021
      Invited Breast augmentation at Harley medical group I had a positive experience with The Harley medical group. All the staff was very attentive throughout my journey and they’re always there for any questions/doubts. I am very satisfied with the final results and I would recommend this clinic, in particular, doctor Samouris to anyone considering breast augmentation. The only negative note was that (at least for my surgery) was a day case. I would have appreciated staying over after this invasive procedure. I am sure you can negotiate an overnight stay if you feel that would be better for you.

    • 16 Nov 2021

      I live in Nottinghamshire but wanted to have my septo/rhinoplasty surgery in London as that's where my family are so was easier for me. Harley Street Medical Group made it possible for me to have all my pre op appts with Dr George Samouris in London and my pre op appts for covid tests etc and post op appts with a nurse in Nottingham to minimise my travel which really made the process easy. My initial consultation with Dr Samouris whizzed passed in a blur and i forgot to ask quite a few things but i spoke to the same person throughout the whole booking process and she liased between myself and Dr Samouris to get the answers i needed which was great. She explained everything to me in layman's terms because there's just so much to take in and consider. The hospital was immaculate and very comfortable, i stayed overnight as i chose to have my surgery on a Saturday but could have been a day case if i chose another date. Dr Samouris came to see me right before the surgery and ran through everything again to make sure i was happy. Everyone at the hospital couldn't have done more for me they were great. My follow up appointments for stitch removal were in the Nottingham clinic with nurse Jade who is absolutely lovely. Answered my many questions and gave great advice. She was very impressed with how clean my nose was when she took my stitches out which was all thanks to the advice from Dr Samouris, sterimar is your best friend after surgery and beyond. Choosing Dr Samouris was pure luck! The best choice i could have made. I needed so many aspects of my nose improved and he done every single one of them better then i could have hoped for. My results after just 9wks are amazing. It's changed my life and given me the confidence to smile! I had my surgery on 11th September 2021 and the only issue i have is not having the guts to do it sooner!!! Dr George Samouris is amazing and I'm so grateful. Thank you!
      Leigh S

    • Dr George Samouris --Professional and Competent... and his hands produce magic!!!

      14 Sept 2021

      I had a wonderful experience start to finish. Booked online after delaying it for like 7years. Wish I had fixed it sooner. My nose was broken and deviated and began looking like all sorts of wrong.

      Went and had a consultation with nurse Georgina at the Watford clinic. She was friendly and down to earth. Information she provided was clear. I was then given a list of surgeons to choose from.

      Done some extensive stalking online of their portfolios after putting their names into google, it was a no brainer. I chose my surgeon at first glance. Dr George Samouris. "Stunning doctor must add." No I didn't choose him for his looks his work is phenomenal. Absolute miracle worker. Went for my consultation with him. I barely needed to explain anything to my surgeon he's the man, he knows what needs doing. I did blindly trust him with something so major on my face. (Some may call that foolish) But he is totally in tune with reality and knows what will look good. I had a good feeling speaking to him. He asked me my expectations which wernt much "just fix it and make me look good". Lol and he gave me better results then anticipated. Beautiful doctor with great knowledge. So there you go. Win win.

      Doc asked me how soon I hoped to have the opp done I told him in the next month. Soon after approx 1-2days stacey got in touch with me she booked me in (I would say squeezed me in as there was some likelihood off me not being able to have it on the day I ideally wanted) boom just like that she sorted it. No problem. She made the process easy, arranged all the appointments and talked me through the payment process.

      If I had any questions about anything pre opp and post opp I had her number to text. I then had all my pre opp appointments transferred over from Watford to the maidenhead clinic. Which was exceptionally kind. Either way I would not have minded going over to Watford. But they were considerate and helpful and did that out of kindness.

      All the staff over at the maidenhead clinic were likewise lovely.

      Nurse Ioana did all my pre opp checks, she was kind and more like a friend (gave me much advise on my visits concerning even my personal life matters🤣 So did get some sound advice from her too) she even rang me and gave me great encouragement a day before my scheduled surgery as I was so terrified. And words rarely ever make a difference to my state of mind especially when I'm worried. But her words of faith really put me at ease.
      She was always on hand too for any concerns I had pre and post opp. Same as Georgina and Stacey. I know I could email/call anyone off them for a response. Which I did utilise. And did get responses from all on different occasions concerning different matters.

      As for my surgeon...----- Dr George Samouris ------ what a man ...!! He is a credit to harley medical group. His work is nothing short of ---- ART! Brilliant. That's all I can say. This guy is a "pure genius". Beautiful beautiful. You will not regret having any work done by him. Get you some eye candy while your at it too 👀. Thank you HMG --- and thanks doc. You the man!

    • Vicky Harrison

      Apr 11, 2021
      From start to finish Harley medical… From start to finish Harley medical group were fantastic, I’m a week post op and couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr Samouris is a perfectionist

    • Carly Ward
      Aug 10, 2020

      Breast lift and implants, great! I had my original consultation in Southampton, but as I work in London, throughout the process went to the clinic in Liverpool Street and Harley Street also. I had my breast lift and implants with George Samouris, at the Wellbeck clinic. All went well and had 2 follow up appointments after, on the 3rd they noticed the stitches were not desolving. This was explained to me at all pre op appointments that it is a common issue, just my body not liking them. They saw me often and the nurses at Liverpool Street were amazing at cleaning the wound, after a few weeks they were not happy it had not closed. I saw George again who gave me the option (all free of charge) to wait to heal or for smaller scarring he would close it up. I went for the closing up option, the scarring is impossible to see! A year on my implants look great and impressed with the aftercare I got.

    • 12th December 2019

      I had a tummy tuck and lipo 2 weeks ago at the Dolan Park Hospital, performed by Mr George Samouris, Firstly I would like to thank all the lovely nursing staff that looked after me before and after my surgery, they were amazing and nothing was to much trouble, even on my discharge they explained medication needed for me and showed my husband how to give me the 8 days injections that I needed. Mr Samouris is the most kind and gentle mannered man you could ever meet and explained the whole process to me and put me so at ease as I was so nervous, I cant recommend him enough, you are in such safe hands, I am so far thrilled with the results of my procedure , even after 2 weeks, quite incredible. Thanks to you all again so much for looking after me and you are the best, there is no where else I would ever go in future than with this Mr Samouris.

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    • Urs
      Oct 7, 2018

      Excellent experience with the Harley… Excellent experience with the Harley Medical Group.. they do really care which is a massive difference to their competitors where money seems to be the first thing. I loved every minute and was well looked after. the Harley Medical Village, my hospital, was brilliant and the staff are excellent, 5 stars. A big shout out to George Samouris...I saw his results before with friends and mine is nothing but excellent. From the first day till the last he was great and I can't wait to show them off.

      9th January 2018

      Amazing experience

    • 1st November 2015

      He is amazing. 10 stars on manner listening understanding and patience. Fantastic surgeon. He took his time and treated me like a person not just another number. Took his time listening to me and spent time with my options. To top it all he has a sense of humour too, which beleive me is a godsend. My surgery and results are amazing. My stitches are almost non existent and dead on the crease. My breast look amazing. 10 stars I would recommend mr Georgios Samouris every time. Hospital group should feel lucky to have him he is a credit to them.

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