Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures today; it helps women with small breasts (breast aplasia) and those with ‘anisomastia’ (different size or shaped breasts) gain a better, more harmonious and balanced appearance through the placement of silicone implants.

Highly experienced, Samouris Plastic Surgery has researched the leading implants globally and selected the very best for their patients maximising safety and reducing risk of rejection by the body.

As each woman has a unique body type, the practice offers implants of varying shapes. The main categories are round and anatomical, the latter has a ‘tear’ shape and are considered the gold standard for a more natural looking result.

In addition to this, Samouris Plastic Surgery uses an advanced technique ensuring the best recovery rate and no injury to the mammary gland, meaning breastfeeding is still possible post-operation in most cases.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Anaesthesia: General Anaesthetic

Hospital Stay:  Day case but overnight if preferred

Downtime: Return to work after 7 days, normal activities such as exercise can be resumed after 21 days, incision marks invisible after a few months.

Results: Permanent, however we advocate check-ups every 10 years

Suitable for:  Alterations to breast size and shape