Very large breasts can cause pain, skin irritation, breathing problems, skeletal abnormalities and reduced self esteem and such is the reason that women seek out a breast reduction.

During surgery, the surgeon removes fat, mammary gland tissue and excess skin which results in smaller breasts, of less weight, which are in harmony with the body structure of the patient.  There are different techniques, however most commonly the scar is situated around the nipple and extends vertically downwards to the crease under the breast; after a few months the scarring should be very minimal.

A breast uplift is usually also performed alongside the surgery for optimum results.

Duration: 2-4 hours

Anaesthesia: General Anaesthetic

Hospital Stay:  No Hospital stay

Downtime: 14 days

Results: Permanent, however breast size may fluctuate due to weight and pregnancy

Suitable for:  Reducing breast size, improving shape and texture of larger breasts