Otoplasty or Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, also known as Pinnaplasty or ear reshaping, is a relatively straightforward and simple cosmetic surgery procedure to resize, reshape, reposition or hold back the ears. Pinnaplasty addresses lobule reduction (reducing the size of the ear lobes); which can either come from the use of heavy jewellery or occur over time. As prominent features of the body, ear shape and size can have a major effect on how we feel about our appearance. The function of the ear is not affected by its shape however large or protruding ears have been known to affect confidence and therefore this is a common corrective procedure.

More about Otoplasty

Duration: 1-2 hours
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic or sedation
Hospital Stay: Single day care
Downtime: The patient can return to daily activities within hours. The head bandage and stitches are removed after 7-10 days, however it can take three weeks for swelling and bruising to subside.
Results: Permanent
Suitable for: Large protruding ears/lop ear or small ears, shell ears (no outer curve in the cartilage), Torn ear lobes (caused by jewellery)
Protruding ears (prominent), is a very common disorder that occurs from an early age, mainly due to hyperplasia or aplasia of some elements (helix, antihelix or conchae). This is an operation usually carried out under local anesthesia, and no hospitalization is required beyond a few hours after surgery. Otoplasty also considers lobule reduction, which can either come from the use of ear jewelry or occur over time.


How is the operation of otoplasty executed?

A small incision is made in the natural crease behind the ear.The procedure takes a few hours and includes local anesthesia.Then we form the new shape of the cartilage to achieve the desired result.Stitches are used to close the incisions and a bandage is placed around the head to ensure the correct position of the ears.

What can we achieve with otoplasty?

We can correct several aesthetic defects of the ears, such as:
-Large, protruding ears/Lop ear or (small ears) -Shell ears (no outer curve in the cartilage) -Torn ear lobes (caused by jewelry)


The results are permanent, literally changing the image of the patient.
This surgery does not affect the development of the earlobe as the patient gets older.

The patient can return home the same day after surgery. There is no problem,
provided the operation is performed under local anesthesia.


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