Thread Lift

Designed to enhance the skin as we age and lift areas of the face and body prone to sagging, a PDO Thread Lift is a great alternative for those who do not wish to undergo surgery. 100% bio-absorbable PDO Lifting threads are uses to form a supportive grid that lifts the tissues of the face and body. Over time, the body produces collagen around the threads, which ultimately results in the disappearance of the material and its ‘replacement’ by collagen fibers creating a beneficial infrastructure for firming and lifting results. Treatment areas include the face, neck, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, back and chest.

Typical results are the elimination of 70% of nasolabial lines and the sagging of the cheeks, with the oval shape of the face obviously improved. In other areas of the body, the application gives an immediate tightening effect, which improves daily until the end of the thirs month, when the final look is stabilised for approximately 18 months. After this time, placement of additional threads is reassessed in order to main the result.

More about Thread lift

Duration:  Up to an hour depending on the area being treated
Anaesthesia:  Numbing cream or local anaesthetic
Downtime: Possible local irritation directly after treatment but the patient can return to normal activities immediately
Results: Approximately 18-24 months
Suitable for: Lifting and firming of the face and body


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